Governor’s Cup Road Race Retrospective

By Rick Noble, Governor’s Cup Community Relations Coordinator
It started in Charlottesville Virginia when I crossed paths with Russ Pate.
Would have never guessed when I arrived in Columbia SC in August of 1979 that 37 years later I would still be “connected” to the Governor’s Cup Road Race. Allow me to share my personal perspective and give you a retrospective look at its evolution. For a more complete history see our website where Larry Hamilton’s excellent history of the race is available.

Columbia’s Triple Crown
If you are looking for a big challenge in 2017, try completing the second annual Columbia’s Triple Crown and complete three half marathons over 11 weeks. For 2017, we are again teamed with Run Hard Marathon/Half Marathon, and the Palmetto Half Marathon, just as we were in 2016, our inaugural Triple Crown, and Governor’s Cup will again be the third and final leg in 2017. In 2016, there were five weeks between each of the events and 60 runners completed the challenge winning a special medal and discounts to the 2017 events. Please take a minute to view our 2016 Triple Crown winners.  

We spoke with a few of these winners to get feedback and here is what they said. Chrysti Shain said “Going into the challenge, I wasn't sure I could do it. I had only run two half marathons before, but wanted to try. Packaging them gave me incentive to do so”. Asked about the amount of time between the events, Michel Beaudet said, “It was long enough to recover a bit, but short enough in between them to maintain the distance”. Heather Hawn remarked, “I didn't think it was that difficult and, in fact, I ran two more half marathons during that period of time out of town. They are all great courses and are more fun than difficult”.

We hope you will be a Triple Crown winner in 2017.   The first leg is the Run Hard Marathon and Half Marathon on March 4, 2017.   Followed five weeks later by the Palmetto Half Marathon on April 8, 2017.   The final leg will be at the Governor’s Cup Half Marathon on May 20, 2017.   All who complete the challenge will receive a special medal at the finish line for the Governor Cup and discounts to our 2018 events.  Click here for more details.


Gov Cup Profile, Mike Lanni:
‘Don’t ignore the check engine light’
Mike Lanni is lucky. He completed the Governor’s Cup Road Race 8k in 2014 despite having some breathing problems coming into the finish.  He finished third in his age group but, for the first time ever, he had to stop and catch his breath.
A few months later, in January of 2015, Mike went in for a checkup on a Monday, had a nuclear stress test on Tuesday, a heart catheterization on Friday, and a quintuple bypass surgery the next Monday at Lexington Medical Center.
Governor’s Cup Volunteering, Registration Discounts,
and More

It is never too early to volunteer for the 2017 Governor’s Cup Road Race.   Whether you are volunteering for the love of running, enjoy being a part of our event, or getting in some community service hours, we have volunteer opportunities for you from May 18-20, 2017.   Please go to our volunteer web site to see all opportunities and sign up.
If you have a work place group, a fitness and running group, or any other large group, please consider getting your group together to participate in our half marathon, 5k, and Main Street Mile. We can provide you discounts for groups and help you promote if you start an official training group. Contact us at to receive additional information.
Over the next couple of months, we will post addition 2017 information concerning our 2017 event including posting expo vendors and 2017 training groups.  Follow us on twitter and FB, and visit our web page regularly to keep up with the news.

Governor’s Cup 2017 course Preview Runs
 By Alex McDonald, President of the Columbia Running Club

Mark your calendars! The Columbia Running Club (CRC) will be partnering again with the Governor's Cup to host two preview runs on Saturdays February 11, 2017 and April 15, 2017 at 7:00 am.   This run highlights the new half marathon course that made its debut in 2016. CRC will be providing water and Gatorade on the route which takes you on a real "Tour de Columbia" including Finley Park, the Gervais St Bridge, West Columbia and Cayce, the Blossom St Bridge, Founders Park, Five Points, Shandon and the USC campus.  We will meet in front of the State House on Gervais St at 7 am.  Please mark these dates your calendar and be on the lookout for additional information closer to the dates.   Also, check out the many benefits of CRC membership at​. 

Governor’s Cup Road Race Trivia

The first person who gets this correct will win a certificate for $50 off any Fleet Feet Training Program.   In order to win, you must post on our FB page the correct answer.  Here is your question:
In what year did Fleet Feet first host the Boston Recovery Run?